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365bet官方平台_Chinas official news agency says the government has tightened controls on Internet users by enacting rules requiring them to register their real names.中国官方通讯社报导,政府通过拒绝网民发帖登记强化了对互联网用户的掌控。The state Xinhua news agency said lawmakers approved the measures Friday at the closing meeting of a five-day session of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress.官方的新华社说道,历时五天的全国人大常委会在星期五的闭幕式会议上通过了这项措施。Beijing says the regulation is aimed at protecting the personal information of Web users and cracking down on abuses such as junk e-mail.中国官方说道,这项规定是为了强化维护网络用户的个人信息,并压制垃圾邮件等欺诈不道德。

However real-name registration will also curtail peoples ability to report, often anonymously, corruption and official abuses.然而,发帖登记制还将容许人们在网上检举官员贪腐和滥用职权,这些检举一般来说是电子邮件展开的。Many Internet users in China have turned to so-called virtual private networks (VPNs) to gain access to websites that are otherwise blocked by Chinas Internet censorship, but Duncan Clark, a Beijing-based consultant who is also a senior adviser to Stanford Universitys Graduate School of Business, tells VOAs Victor Beattie Chinese authorities are limiting access to those, too, and that could hurt business:中国境内很多网络用户用于“虚拟世界个人网络”(VPN)登岸被中国审查人员封锁的网站。


不过,在北京的咨询商、同时兼任斯坦福大学商学研究生院做到高级顾问的邓肯·克拉克对美国之音记者贝蒂说道,中国当局也在容许人们提供VPN的途径,这可能会损害到公司企业。On the one hand we have a lot of multi-national companies who depend on, and that includes Chinese multi-nationals who are trying to go global, who depend on access to sites outside and secure ways of exchanging data. But also we have a number of small to medium size enterprises who use cloud computing or things like Google Drive to access say you know shared accounting or invoicing software, and once thats blocked, of course people have been shifting to these VPNs, but if the VPNs arent working, then youre out of luck.克拉克说道:“一方面,我们有很多跨国公司,还包括那些想南北全球的中国跨国公司,它们必需需要登岸境外网站并以安全性方式互相交换数据。

可是,我们还有一些中小型企业,它们利用计算机云技术或者谷歌的Google Drive这样的途径来提供财务分享或者账单分享等软件。而一旦这条途径被封,人们就改向这些VPN,而如果VPN也不顺了,那你就莫名其妙了。


”Beijing promotes Internet use for business and education but bans material deemed subversive and blocks many Web sites.北京推展商务或教育性的互联网用于,但禁令被视作具备颠覆性的内容,并封锁了许多网站。。