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365bet官方平台-Most people will pick out a phantom-like picture of Albert Einstein. But if you see a Hollywood pin-up, you may need a trip to the opticians。大多数人看见的是阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦的一张怪异照片。如果你看见的是好莱坞女明星,或许你就得去一趟眼镜店了。At normal viewing distance, healthy eyes should be able to pick up the fine lines on Einsteins face, causing the brain to disregard Marilyn Monroes image altogether。


在长时间的仔细观察距离下,身体健康的眼睛需要捕捉到爱因斯坦脸上的线条,这让大脑可以几乎忽视玛丽莲·卓别林的图像。This classic optical illusion was created several years ago by neuroscientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology。

这一视错觉经典图像是麻省理工学院神经系统科学家们几年前制作的。In a recent video, Asap Science highlighted the process behind the trick, which can also be seen in a still image by anyone if they move closer and then farther away from the screen。在最近的视频中,YouTube科普大神Asap Science揭发了这个视错觉背后的操作过程,只要观察者调整自己与屏幕的距离,那么每个人都能从一幅静态图片中仔细观察到图片的变化。


‘Depending on how well youre able to focus or pick up contrast, your eye will only pick out details,’ the video explains.视频中这样说明道:“这都各不相同你的探讨能力和辨识对比度的能力,你的眼睛只不会注目细节。”‘Up close, were generally able to pick up fine details like Einsteins moustache and wrinkles。

“近距离仔细观察时,我们大都需要仔细观察到图片上的细节,比如爱因斯坦脸上的小胡子和皱纹。‘But as the distance increases, or if your vision is poor and creates a more blurred image in the first place, your ability to pick up details fades away。“但当仔细观察距离被变长,或是视力问题让你看见的图像显得模糊不清时,你仔细观察事物细节的能力就不会渐渐消失。

‘Instead you only see general features, like the shape of mouth, nose and hair, and are left seeing Marilyn Monroe. ‘“这时,我们不能看见大体的容貌特征,比如嘴型、鼻子和发型,因此,我们最后不会看见是玛丽莲·卓别林的画像。”The MIT team, led by Dr Aude Oliva, has spent over a decade creating hybrid optical illusions that show how images can be hidden with textures, words and other objects。

由奥德·奥利瓦博士领衔的麻省理工团队经过十年的希望,最后制作出有了这些混合视错觉图像,向我们展出了图像是怎样被纹理、文字和其他图案隐蔽一起的。Marilyn Einstein was created by superimposing a blurry picture of Marilyn Monroe over a picture of Albert Einstein drawn in fine lines。

这张“玛丽莲·爱因斯坦”混合图像由卓别林的模糊不清照片变换在爱因斯坦的细线素描上构成。Features with a high spatial frequency are only visible when viewing them close up, and those with low spatial frequencies are only visible at a distance。


低空间频率的容貌特征只有在近距离的情况下才能显现出,而那些较低空间频率的图像特征不能在远距离的情况下可见。Combining pictures of the two produces a single image which changes when the viewer moves closer or farther away from the screen。当我们把这两种图像变换在一起时,观察者可以通过调整自己与屏幕的距离,而看见有所不同的图像。


Dr Olivas group say these images not only reveal vision problems, but can also highlight how the brain processes information。奥利瓦博士的团队称之为,这类图片不仅能曝露视力问题,还表明了我们的大脑是如何处置信息的。

In one study, participants were shown hybrid images for just of 30 milliseconds, and only recognised the low spatial resolution, or blurry, component of the image。在一项研究中,当参与者只有30毫秒仔细观察混合图像时,他们不能看见较低空间分辨率的,或是模糊不清的局部图像内容。【365bet官方平台】。