The Dark Side of The Drone Industry

A drone is an unmanned flying vehicle that is remotely controlled. Apart from its ability to fly around, these quadcopters can perform other specific functions. Some UAVs are used for video recording and photography from above. Others perform scientific functions, while others carry cargo and post between places.

Drones can be created in different shapes such as discs, doughnuts, star, airships, or even a resemblance of big birds or insects.

aerial shot civil droneLight drones are driven by electric motors powered by batteries. Some are powered by solar panels enabling the UAV to fly for weeks. Others are powered by nuclear energy ensuring the multi rotors stay afloat for days or weeks.
Since most functions of the quadcopters are kept secret, it’s impossible to be fully accountable to the extent of their use and who is using them.
Though drones have better uses such as border control, wildfire detection, pipeline control among others, some are being used for the wrong reasons.

The bad uses of drones include:

Unlawful spying of citizens

Police forces have been using drones to detect and investigate crimes. However, these exercises tend to involve direct spying by unmanned surveillance vehicles on private citizens at their homes. In the US, the president, and his administration have enacted a bill to allow their sky to be patrolled by more than 30,000 unmanned air vehicles. These flying machines will be surveying the air as the citizens remain unaware.

Privacy intrusion

Drones have the ability of intercepting technology. It has the capability of intercepting live phone calls on either end. It interrupts the call in two ways:
• Call interference
• Call interception through dynamic voice-print analysis/duplication
These quadcopters record the targets voice, replicates it through accurate pitch, frequency, and tone to any recognisable human language.

Drones used as weapons

a war drone in irakIn Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, drones have been used to kill approximately 4,700 people. The use of these remotely controlled flying vehicles as weapons emerged in World War II. The first UAV used as a weapon was the Germany FX-1400, which comprised a 2,300-pound bomb.

Drug trafficking

People have been using the light remote control multi-rotors to smuggle contraband. They are used in smuggling heroin from Mexico to the U. S. and dropping pornography and bundles of drugs to prison.

Additionally, unmanned air vehicles resembling birds and other flying animals are being created and engaged in spying, or injection of poison to targets.


With the increase creation of flying animals resembling drones and UAVs powered by nuclear energy to sustain them for weeks, public and private agencies are increasingly using these helpful gadgets in the wrong way. However, these devices are beneficial and shouldn’t be used to fuel illegal businesses.

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