Carpet Cleaning Tips For Humid Weather

According to rug cleaning companies, carpets should be regularly vacuumed every week, and especially if your family members are suffering from problems that make breathing difficult. These include asthma and snoring.

Carpet cleaning in regards to pet stains

a clean carpet is crucialIf you have a pet at home, you may have noticed that your carpet doesn’t stay longer before it gets soiled. Part of the reason your carpet doesn’t stay clean longer is that your dog will occasionally bring dirt from outside. Thus soil and other debris tend to settle inside the fabric layers of your carpet.

And if you have a cat for that matter, they will occasionally leave fur behind, and this can have an adverse impact on your family’s health.

But in such situations, cleaning may help to some extent. However, even when you try cleaning your carpet frequently, ammonium salts will be left behind (when your pets have accidents on your carpet). During the winter season, the salts will remain crystallised. Hence you won’t detect any odour at this time.

However, during summer or in a warmer climate, the salts will absorb moisture, and in that case, your home will begin emitting odours that make it uncomfortable to live in. Watch this!

The issue of mould

get the right deviceIf you live in an area with high humidity levels, your carpet is at significant risk of developing fungus growth. It is particularly the case in a precipitous weather where moisture tends to get absorbed deep into the carpet fabric.
In such situations, the trapped moisture will create a conducive atmosphere for mould growth which can negatively affect you and your family.

But to prevent the potential of mould and mildew from developing in your carpet, you will need to enlist the help of a carpet cleaning professional. Cleaning experts use effective drying tools to dry the moisture, and this eliminates chances of harmful mould existence.


The issue of mould and mildew in carpets is something that is worth addressing in time. Also, those who have pets should ensure that their carpets get constant professional attention with carpet rescue product. Otherwise, they risk developing allergies and putting up with odours.