Camping Gear Sleeping Cots for Outdoor Comfort

Ready to go camping? If so, you’ll need some supplies to take along. The necessities include a tent to protect you from the elements, food, water, a compass, and whatever comforts of home you want to bring with you. Toilet tissue is always a good idea, just ask any camper who forgot to bring it along.

Another thing you’ll need is camping gear sleeping cots. After all, who wants to lay on the cold, hard ground? Maybe a survivalist on a training mission may enjoy such a thing, but most campers want some comfort when it comes to their sleeping area.

New solutions for modern campers

prepare-your-camp-spot-like-a-proToday’s solutions for sleeping outdoors go far beyond the basic sleeping bag. There’s the traditional cot, which is comfortable and keeps the camper off the ground, a must in cold weather. The downside to this type of cot is that it is way too hefty to carry long distances and is best for campsites that you can drive rather than hike to reach. For a similar sleeping experience that can be toted in a large backpack, try a foam sleeping cot. These pads are like thick pads that are made to be rolled up and carried with you without a lot of excess weight.

Then there are inflatable cots. The two different kinds are self-inflating and full inflating. A self-inflating pad is probably your best bet for camping because it is made for such a purpose. It can be carried quite easily in your pack and is simple to set up and take down. You’ll get a few inches of air-filled protection between you and the ground. A full inflating bed, such as the popular AeroBed, is a full-size bed similar to the one you have at home. These beds take up lots of room and are rather cumbersome. Although they are comfortable, they are probably not the best choice for camping.

Be a camping gear pro!

Now that you know more about camping gear sleeping cots, you are better equipped to choose the right type for your next camping trip.

If you’re not sure, think about the climate where you will be camping and whether or not it is easy for you to sleep on a hard surface or whether you need something softer and more luxurious. Some campers are fine with a thick sleeping bag; others require a cot or self-inflatable bed.

There are plenty of choices out there, so you’re sure to find the perfect outdoor bed for your individual needs.

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